Hurricane Harvey has left an indelible mark across the Gulf States. Flooding is still going on as  water is being released to avoid catastrophic failures.

Waiting is one of the hardest tasks in life, especially when waiting for a disaster to end or to see if any of your precious belongings or treasures survived a disaster.  This one will not end for years.

After the waiting is over, the first thing that we all want to do is get back to our homes after a tragedy. The smartest person taking the very best advice can’t negate the desire, (the very NEED) to see what is left after the natural tragedy.

We understand that, but hope you can follow these suggestions to avoid even more tragedy than what has occurred up to the point where a return into the home is possible.

·         Do not enter unsafe structures

·         Cut off electrical power until checked by an electrician

·         Do not enter the home if the water has not subsided

·         Do not enter the home until the gas is shut off

·         Leave the gas line and gas appliances off until checked

·         Do not use water damaged appliances until checked

·         Wear gloves, mask, eye protection and good shoes

·         Precious pictures and books can be preserved by freeze drying

·         Take photographs of the damage for insurance use

No matter what the cause of water damage, quick action can protect your investment and treasures. Yes, I remember I just begged you to be patient and wait until it is safe to go into your home. That does not go well with telling you that quick action can minimize your loss. This is difficult, but health and safety trumps saving possessions.